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Christian Entertainment for the Family

Did you know that Christian entertainment is more available for the family than you realize? Many Christians are very talented. Especially when it comes to the arts such as painting, drawing, writing books, etc. These make for some very fulfilling ways to be entertained. You can even visit a Christian art gallery or read some inspirational and encouraging Christian poems. Or, you can get caught up reading the latest book by your favorite Christian authors. Need a good laugh? A Christian comedian could be the solution.

At, we provide a different kind of network for believers of Jesus Christ. The bible says to “guard your heart.” And, worldly TV is not good for our eyes or our childrens’. Our network of channels offers good, wholesome, programming for the whole family. The bible also tells us to bring our children up in the way of the Lord’s teachings. It is never too early to show them the way by watching the Jesus Movie.

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Family Entertainment

Here are a few more suggestions on some fun things to do as a Christian family outside the home.

  • Church bowling league – Form a league for children and adults. Invite other churches to do the same and then schedule a date and time to meet up.
  • Art gallery – Invite members of your church to submit their artwork, in any given category, to be displayed in a designated area.
  • Talent show – We all have a talent of some sort. A Christian talent show is fun and entertaining. Can also help raise funds for your church. Invite the Christian community to participate. It also brings people together and introduces them to your church and Jesus Christ.
  • Christian movies – Biblical, historical, and bible-based movies are always great for spending quality time with family and friends.
  • Family Time
  • When the family gets together it opens up a time for questions. It gives the parents and their children time to talk and lets them express their beliefs about trusting God. This can also give the parents an understanding of where their children are spiritually and address any issues they might be having at school. This presents itself as a time for children to feel more connected with their parents and their siblings. Young adults might be aware of things going on in the world and want to get more understanding about the signs of the end times.
  • Start enjoying some good, wholesome Christian entertainment for a change. Let us know what you do for fun with your family and Christian entertainment. Register in the community to help spread the love of Jesus and to make some new friends.
  • Be Blessed
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