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Time for vacation! Where can the whole family go that would be memorable and leave a lasting impression. A Christian travel video would probably one of the first things I would do to get an understanding of the area of some possibilities. The Holy Land video by Billy Graham is excellent! Christian travel videos can be a great place to start in helping you decide where to travel on your next vacation.  This way, you can let your Christian travel agent know the specific areas you want to visit on your trip. They will be able to offer you Christian travel tour suggestions along with the perfect package for you and the family.

Furthermore, be sure your accommodations are located close by and can be reached by foot or a short ride. Other options to check out could be: Benny Hinn crusades, celebrations, holidays or events happening in the area. You won’t want to miss them!

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My choice for Christian travel is definitely to the city of Jerusalem in Israel. It’s on my bucket list! And, learning about the Jewish culture should be quite interesting. When it’s time to book a reservation for flights and hotels, don’t forget about the transportation options. A Christian tour can also be booked or reserved with a group. Traveling to other countries can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to customs or the culture.

Visit or vacation with friends or a church group. Some may have already visited before and know the best areas to see and not miss. It will help organize your daily itineary which will make things easier when it comes to getting around. Also, they might know of some excellent restaurants or a great market place to shop at. Here is a list of some other ideas for places you might want to visit while visiting Jerusalem, the Holy Land. A place of supernatural events!

Tomb of the Virgin Mary – Jesus’s Mother Mary

Tomb of Absalom – King Solomon‘s brother

The Garden Tomb – Where Jesus Resurrection occurred

Pool of Bethesda – Place where one of Jesus’s miracles was performed

David’s Tomb – Burial place of King David

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There is lots of information and Christian travel videos from around the world. You and your family can sit and watch and decide together. Choose where the next vacation spot would be so that you can start planning ahead of time. Being mindful of the different seasons is very important. It will help you make good choices in what clothing items would be best for the time of year you plan to travel. Plane and hotel reservations will be cheaper and more available as well.

Your local worldwide Christian travel agency will have all the answers you are looking for, and then some. It’s what they do best. Happy traveling!

Let me know how your vacation to Israel went, I want to know! Can’t wait to make my reservations.

Be Blessed

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