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Lighten Up! Life can be lots of fun. I agree that sometimes you just need a good laugh. We all work hard and funny Christian videos can give us that “unwind” time to just relax. My husband was actually watching a Christian short film just the other day. I was in my office and I heard this music that didn’t quite agree with me. I just had to get up and see what he was watching.

Sunday Sermon Message

It was such a funny Christian video that I had to watch it again. But it wasn’t just funny, it brought a message. Preaching this message would make for a great Sunday sermon message. Ok, got your interest. Right? Well, at first you see this young man driving down the road and you hear the music that you think he might listen too. He stops in front of a house where an elderly woman is on her porch. He then begins to talk to the woman from his car. He is inviting her to church but she can’t hear what he is saying because it is her that is listening to the music, not him! Anyway, you can see that we shouldn’t judge by what it looks like. She did get in the car and go to church with him. Which by the way, was about 100 yards up the street.

Funny Christian Videos Inspire

Funny Christian videos can be about any subject. Our youth in Christ can really relate as well as adults. Sunday sermon videos don’t always have to be so serious. God does have a sense of humor you know. Funny Christian videos can inspire and encourage us. People remember the sermon videos that make us laugh. It makes it easy to share to our family and friends that may not be saved. Inspirational Christian videos that are funny are great tools to use to help bring them to Jesus.

Funny Christian videos allow us to laugh at ourselves!

Christian comedy videos can help us to maybe see ourselves. We all do some quirky things and it’s quite funny to know that other people do the same things. It makes us feel human and fit in. Funny Christian videos allow us to laugh at ourselves.

Christian Video on Demand

Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting provides a Christian video platform for the entire family. Funny Christian videos is just one of the many categories of Christian video on demand that we have for your viewing pleasure. Whatever your preference is at the time, whether it’s a church music video, gospel video or you want to watch a video on Christian crusades, we have them here at Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting.

If you are a Christian church or a Christian business and have Christian videos and would like to partner or advertise with Kingdoms Network, contact us for more information. Leave any comments or questions you have in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share and connect with us on FB, Google+ and Twitter!

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