Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland

Be Blessed Beyond Measure! Gloria is a noted Bible teacher, Christian gospel minister, and author. She is also a Christian short films producer and conference speaker. She was born on February 12, 1942, in Centerpoint, Arkansas and is the daughter of Wallace and Mary Lois Neece. Gloria is the wife of Kenneth Copeland, a mother of three and a grandmother.

A contemporary of Joyce Meyer, Gloria Copeland has written over 20 books and is a New York Times writer. Three of her bestsellers are, Blessed Beyond Measure, Hidden Treasures, Hearing from Heaven, and God’s Master Plan for Your Life. She has also co-authored some of Kenneth’s books. She writes for the Believer’s Voice of Victory Magazine Victorious Christian Living Section. As an executive producer, Gloria has worked with KCM films, such as Rally and other movie projects.

Gloria Copeland Healing School

Gloria Copeland is the founder and teacher of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries Healing School which opened in September of 1979. In openings, she announces Jesus always comes to Healing School. The curriculum involves the use of Jesus Miracles to teach believers how to apply the word, like medicine and how to have faith. Gloria lays hands on the sick and prays for them. Topics for Saturday morning healing clinics are You Can Live Free, Healing is for All, Get Healed, and more.

Healing Evangelist, Gloria Copeland, has an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University. Initially, she thought the Healing School would be a one-time event. God gave Kenneth an end time, prophetic word. It will last until Jesus Second Coming.

As co-founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Gloria Copeland is a host for the Believer’s Voice of Victory (BVOV) Christian television network broadcast. It can be seen daily and on Sunday. Gloria appears with her husband, Billye Brim, Marilyn Hickey, and other co-hosts. The Seven Habits of Strong Believers, The Prosperous Life, and Living Debt Free are three of her lessons.

I believe if God cares for the birds, He cares for me.

I don’t have to figure out how He’s going to do it! Gloria Copeland

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