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Christian News Dot TV Seeks Contributors

Wilmington, NC July 22, 2015 — – Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting announced today that it will be including Christian News.TV as another channel in their Christian Network.
Christian News.TV is extending an invitation to Christian writers, editors, journalist, photojournalist and videographers from around the world to be a contributor and a part of a growing Network. They will use their gifts and expertise in these areas to help and be an advocate for the Kingdom of God. This will be done through the reporting and writing of articles and making video on demand.The categories will include:

  • Ministry
  • Business
  • Persecution
  • World news
  • Politics
  • Entertainment
  • Christian Travel
  • Lifestyle

As Christians, being informed of what is happening around the world today is very important. Current News being reported keeps the Intercessory prayer warriors up to date on what to pray for and where. It allows those who are looking to support any Christian organizations or groups, contact information and what is needed. Contributions by way of content and video reporting at Christian News.TV provides an opportunity for Christian writers and videographers a platform where they can gain notoriety for their works.

Christian News.TV will also include valuable information on many different categories that concern the Christian body. Daily news reports, articles and video will be posted on a global level. Christian broadcasting will include Christian talk shows, Christian Chef episodes, Godsent TV missionary stories and education about new Christian business startups along with sermon videos on demand and eventually, live streaming. Statistics show that an internet user spends 88% more time on a website that contains video. By having a dot TV extension, Christian News will grow very quickly because of video demand.

This is just a part of a big vision given to the founders and owners of, Sheraton and Gail Walls. They have years of experience with SEO (search engine optimization,) web design and social media marketing. Their goal is to provide a solution to the Christian body, a video on demand platform for Pastors, preachers, evangelist, teachers, and ministries, a family friendly network that encompasses every day life. Both founders are ordained ministers and understand the need for an affordable, yet quality, video playlist solution in a Christian environment.

For more information on how you can become a contributor as a Christian writer, journalist, editor, photojournalist or videographer for Christian News.TV at, email your information to:

Kingdoms Network Christian Broadcasting • •


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