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If you do your research, you will find that Churches from around the world have their Church building planted on good soil and in our heart, it looks good. But, when we look at the bigger picture, we as Christians don’t invest in the internet. The “norm” for us, is to let someone else do it for us. The internet will play a major role in your ministry in years to come. In fact, in ways, you can not see. Today’s Christian must set up the “next generation” with investing in the internet. If we look back ten to 20 years ago, the older generation did not set this up for us, today. When you compare the Church presence online vs worldly presence, we are less than one percent. Yes, some Churches have a website and a Facebook account, however, these accounts are not attended to or marketed with Church resources, to go after the lost souls.

The Church is Rejecting Technology

When talking to ministers, I find that many of them hate the latest technology or do not know how to work with it. The problem with this is, the enemy is using new technology and our “old way” of doing church business, is like comparing a model T to a 2018 Corvette. Our Pastors of today’s church will need to press their way into a deeper understanding of where the church should take it’s rightful place when it comes to having a solid infrastructure online. And yes, it will cost big money. I have to be honest with the church. The days of wanting everything for “free” is coming to an end.

Heavy Like a Rock Stop Making up Excuses

When confronted with embracing the new way of social media, we always make up an excuse. I have heard them all. In other words, we Christians just don’t want to deal with it. When we hear another language, that of technology, we run from it, because we don’t understand it. Yes, when these things are new to us, it looks like Mount Everest. However, it’s a mountain we all have to make the choice to climb. With each step, we come into a better understanding and new revelation on how important having a solid foundation, online is.

Own Up To It

Is it possible that the enemy has us bound and beats in Technology? Meaning when you try to enter into the circle of technology, it spits you out. Or you’re completely lost to the new way of doing technology when it comes to growing your church? When feeling this way, we have to go to the back of the line and start at lesson one. Slowly but surely, God will give you the strength to overcome any technology. But, own up to it, you have to want it, as Abraham and Moses wanted it for their people. In your Church, there is an Isaac, that when your life has run its course, you can leave a great vision with. The building plays a major role, however, Cyberspace will play even a bigger role. The greater that’s in you can reach millions by the internet.
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