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In Exodus 20, God spoke to the children of Israel. The ten commandments Christian movie that was originally produced and directed by Cecil B Demille.  A silent film that was first released in 1923.  After a few years, the movie was produced in Technicolor.  Although the epic Moses movie was about the ten commandments, it was not all based on scripture. As a matter of fact, the original ten commandments Christian Movie was made in Hollywood for entertainment purposes using a storyline from the bible.

The ten commandments Christian movie has since been rewritten according to scripture.  Newer versions give a truer sense of what Moses went through in the bible. How the children of Israel were led, the Exodus, out of Egypt and wandered through the desert for 40 years. Many people were still rebellious even after witnessing the hand of God many times in Egypt. Consequently, this can be seen in the ten commandments movie.

Here is a list of the Ten Commandments that was written by the hand of God.

  1. Thou shall have no other gods before Me.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. I shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honor your father and your mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. Thou shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet.

Bible Scripture

Old Christian movies or “biblical movies” can give us a visual of the written word in the holy bible. The Book of Acts Christian movie is an excellent example. Events in the Bible are actually portrayed and acted out, scripture by scripture. You can watch free Christian movies online at Kingdoms Network. A Christian network that explores what God is doing through today’s disciples.

Listen to sermon audios while resting on the Sabbath. Share the word of God with your family and friends. Encourage them and witness to them through testimonies of people from around the world. Increase your faith by watching the Lazarus Phenomenon Movie and others like it. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.  We have to live according to His word to receive His promises. Otherwise, we reap what we sow.

We hope you enjoy watching the biblical version of the Ten Commandments Christian movie. Furthermore, If you know someone who needs a little help with understanding the scripture, share it with them.

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