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Christian Tours

Ready! Get set for some adventure on your Christian tours to the Holy Land. I have never been to Israel but I have spoken with people who have. The experience was like none other. It is definitely a destination place that I want to visit in my lifetime. I know there is a place in Florida called the Holy Land Experience, but I want to visit the real deal.

Christian Travel Videos

Christian tours can be scheduled for cities and countries from around the world. There is so much history even in America where Christian travel videos can give you a sneak peek. Learn about and discover how this great country was first founded. Our forefathers were Christians who wanted a better life.

A Christian tour to Egypt is very interesting. Plan to visit Goshen where the children of Israel lived and were delivered by Moses. And, where he led them across the Red Sea and across the wilderness to Mount Sinai.

Tours for Christians

Most Christian travel agencies offer group discounts for churches and large groups. Early booking discounts are offered and have payment plans to make it easier on your budget. Christian tours will most likely come with your personal travel and tour guide. They will make sure your schedule is organized to cover the most historic sites in the time you have. Also, get a bite to eat at the little places that are overlooked sometimes.

If you prefer not to go with a group to the Holy Land, I suggest getting an MP 3. While visiting, download documentaries of the various places on your tour. The audio can be your personal tour guide.

Tour the Biblical City of Jerusalem

The Holy Land Christian tours should be something that every Christian would want to do. What a life-changing experience it is to see where the birth of Jesus Christ took place. And, the supernatural events that took place during the creative miracles. Also where Jesus was laid in the tomb after He died on the cross.

Just imagine being one of Jesus’s Christian disciples! What was it like to actually walk with the Son of God? To be taught and serve, to eat and just be in His presence. I wonder about this myself. Or how about the upper room where Jesus’s disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit? What an awesome sight that must have been.

Well, now I am really excited about going to the Holy Land! How about you? Consider the biblical city of Jerusalem as one of your next destination places. Travel with people who have the same interests. You will have lots to talk about. And, make some new friends and share some great times together on your trip.

Watch Sunday sermons and some of the best Christian movies for free. Last but not least, our Christian television network is here to lift up the name of Jesus, Why? Because He is WORTHY to be praised.

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Be Blessed!

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