The Church and technology

For those that are conscious of technology or dealing with it on behalf of the church. You’ll need to spend even more time with new applications and platform infrastructures in order to broadcast to the world of God, effectively. Remember that you are “greater” than technology. It’s only a matter of time before you break it down if you stick with it. Refuse to allow new technology to kick you out of its simple understanding. Again, in time you will come into its understanding.

Technology and the Church

Greatness is given to those who are willing to stick it out. 2018 is the year of greatness. Be willing to rise early. The strategy that you used for 2017 will not work in 2018. It’s time to sing a new song. The enemy has figured out your old strategy. But, if you are willing and obedient, you will surprise him with the “element of surprise.” The thing that God is doing with you now is a new thing. Be willing to change. Just think, there are people, both Saints and the lost, waiting to hear a word from the Lord, through you! Be not bound by an old way of thinking. Put away the old man. The church and technology can help spread the Word of God throughout the nations.

Old relationships are coming to the end of their season. New relationships are manifesting before your eyes. Some old relationships didn’t bear their fruit, therefore, Let It Go! Refuse to hang on. Cry out for the consciousness of God. Make Wisdom your hiding place. Seek Her and do not forsake Her. She is the principal thing. Some have been so faithful with the small things, now it’s time to ask God for the big things.
Some of you will drive cars and live in homes you never imagined. You’re going to be amazed by your due diligence in the Lord, and what’s about to manifest.

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